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Step 1

Add steps to your itinerary

You need to determine at least two steps to create a route

Import a .gpx file

You can import one or more files

Hide steps

Many steps overlap ? You can hide some of them if needed

Modify steps

Change the location and text of each step.

Transports modes

3 modes of transports are available (by car, by foot, by bike)

Straight-line distance mode

If you travel by other modes (plane, boat...) choose the "As the bird flies" mode

Add precise steps directly on the map

If you can't find a place with the search bar, you can create it by clicking directly on the map. You can then define the name to display.

Step 2

💡 From step 2, you can save your poster and find it in your account

Customize the map

Choose from the available templates or create your own theme (change the color of the land, water, roads, boundaries of states and regions)

Customize the track style

Change the thickness of your line, and choose a continuous or dotted line and change the color

Customize the icon

2 icons are available. You can change the size and position of the text or change it by clicking on it directly

Step 3

Finalize the poster

Finalize the poster

Choose the caption, the format and the orientation of the poster

Preview the poster

Your poster will look like what you see in step 3. You can now validate the command 🤗.

Any concern?

Our team examines your posters before they are printed

If they feel that your poster is not in line with our quality standards regarding the readability of the steps, they will contact you within 24 hours to validate the final rendering.